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’tis the season to eat vegan chocolate truffles!

These decadent and rich truffles have a chocolate ganache centre, perfect for an indulgent treat at Christmas. Making them is also great fun if you want a Christmassy activity to do with the children. You can choose your toppings based on what you like, we love coconut so we made coconut covered ones and plain cocoa powder rolled ones, but you could use chopped hazelnuts, or sprinkles or dip them in melted chocolate for a truffle with a hard shell and a soft centre.

It’s a super easy recipe with only two ingredients, the actual baking time is very little,most of the time is just allowing them to set.


  • 300g Vegan Chocolate or Chocolate Chips

  • 240ml Vegan Cream (We used Elmlea Plant, but you could use coconut cream or soya cream if you prefer)

Topping Ideas:

  • Chocolate Shavings

  • Cocoa Powder

  • Chocolate Sprinkles

  • Desiccated Coconut

  • Chopped Nuts

  • Dipped in Melted Chocolate

(Zero waste tip: your local refill shop may well have chocolate buttons, coconut, hazelnuts, cocoa powder, etc for making your truffles. Do they can be tasty and help reduce plastic waste too!)


  1. Break up the chocolate for the chocolate ganache and place into a mixing bowl.

  2. Heat the cream to a simmer and then pour over the chocolate pieces

  3. Leave to sit for around a minute to melt, then mix it into a chocolate sauce.

  4. Place into the fridge to set. This will take a few hours (2-3 hours, you’ll know it’s set when you stick a knife into it and it’s solid all the way down).

  5. When set, use a spoon to scoop out even amounts of the ganache and drop it into your chosen topping, then roll it into a ball with your hands. Place the truffles onto a parchment lined baking tray or a silicone sheet.

  6. Return to the fridge for the chocolate to set and enjoy!

These will last a week if you keep them in the fridge (well not in our house they won’t, but maybe in your house chocolate lasts a week)


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