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Toothpaste tablets

Toothpaste tablets

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£1.20Sale Price

125 chewable fluoride toothpaste tablets, packed in a biodegradable pouch, leaving no trace behind on our environment. These are a great way to maintain your pearly whites on-the-go, or at home, and perfect for hand luggage, travel and every day use.

Cruelty Free

Vegan Friendly

Plastic Free

Biodegradable Packaging

UK Made

Low Carbon Pack of 125 toothpaste tablets

These toothpaste tablets contain Kaolin, a natural clay, which is great for polishing teeth, helping to eliminate stains and make them appear whiter; and Fluoride - at last, a plastic-free toothpaste with fluoride in it (as recommended by every dentist ever) to protect the one set of teeth you get for life.

Directions for use

Place one tablet in the front of your mouth, chew it until there are no bits and then brush with a wetted brush with circular motions, to polish, rather than scrub. Take your time! Spit it out as you normally would, but do not rinse your mouth out, leave a coating on your teeth to remineralise them. Simplicity is one reason we like these.

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