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Ecovibe Washable Sponge Cloths (4 Pack)

Ecovibe Washable Sponge Cloths (4 Pack)


Multi-purpose cleaning cloths, handmade in the UK. This pack of 4 compostable cloths is perfect for tackling all those household cleaning tasks in an eco-friendly way!

These multiple purpose cloths are a washable, reusable, zero-waste option to replace typical kitchen roll, wipes, and plastic sponges.

The cloths can be reused over and over again…After use, you can disinfect them with hot water, or sling them in the washing-machine. Once you’ve decided it’s time for a replacement, you can compost the cloth instead of sending it to landfill!

Most common kitchen wipes and sponges are made from plastic, and they can’t be recycled.

They’re usually either single-use, or used for a week before they’re thrown away, where they’ll contribute to plastic pollution and take hundreds of years to eventually break down into microplastics.

These cloths are made from 100% natural ingredients, are reusable, and compostable!

  • Details

    Reusable and home compostable after use.

    Minimal packaging – plastic-free.

    Made in the UK

    • 100% natural
    • Made from FSC certified wood fibre (cellulose) & cotton
    • Absorbent, durable & sustainable 
    • Reusable & machine washable
    • Plastic-free
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